Vehicle | 2024 Electric Vehicle Model and price

Rivian R1S

Although there are a number of electric SUVs on sale today, there are only a few such models available with three rows of seating. The Rivian R1S is one such option. No, it’s not quite as efficient as, say, the Tesla Model X, but with a starting sum just a little north of $75,000, the R1S undercuts the base price of the big Tesla SUV by approximately $5000.

  • Base price: $76,700
  • EPA fuel economy, combined/city/highway: 63/65/60 MPGe*
  • EPA combined range: 274 miles*
    *2024 R1S Quad-Motor w/ Large Battery and 20-Inch A/T Tires

Rivian R1T

Complementing the Rivian R1S SUV is the company’s R1T pickup truck. Like its SUV counterpart, the R1T comes standard with a 135.0-kWh battery pack. A larger capacity 149.0-kWh battery pack nets north of 400 miles of estimated range, but adds close to $20,000 to the bill.

  • Base price: $71,700
  • EPA fuel economy, combined/city/highway: 78/82/74 MPGe*
  • EPA combined range: 352 miles*
    *2023 R1T Dual-Motor w/ Large Battery and 21-Inch Wheels

Rolls-Royce Spectre

Rolls-Royce breaks into the EV set with the massive and lavish Spectre coupe. Power comes courtesy of a pair of electric motors that are good for a combined 577 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque, sums that help the large two-door reach 60 mph in 4.2 seconds. Inside, it’s as opulent and quiet as you’d expect of a car with the Spirit of Ecstasy perched on its hood.

  • Base price: $422,750
  • EPA fuel economy, combined/city/highway: 81/77/86 MPGe
  • EPA combined range: 291 miles

Subaru Solterra

Subaru’s entry into the EV space is the Solterra SUV, a vehicle that Subaru developed jointly with Toyota (Toyota’s version of this vehicle is called the bZ4X). The Solterra looks appropriately rugged with bulging plastic wheel arches. All-wheel drive is standard, but unlike other all-wheel-drive EVs, the Solterra isn’t particularly quick. It’s also not particularly generous with driving range either, with the EPA rating it at up to 227 miles per charge.

  • Base price: $46,615
  • EPA fuel economy, combined/city/highway: 104/114/94 MPGe
  • EPA combined range: 227 miles

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